The future of social media

Almost 10 years ago, as a newbie on social media, the virtual world looked like an ocean of endless discoveries. Orkut, which was thriving then, was a one-stop destination if one wanted stalk, socialize and just pass some free time on the internet. This was back in 2009, when I had just joined college and was awed with the noise social media was creating in the real world. Cut to 2018, social media platforms are literally growing at an exponential rate. While Orkut has disappeared into oblivion, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are still going full throttle despite being around for close to a decade. With this on-going power struggle between social media platforms, have you wondered what is the future of these social media giants?

With a pressure to retain the existing users by constantly introducing new features and attracting advertisers with growing numbers of user-base, the social media world is worst hit by uncertainty, more than ever before. Orkut serves as a classic example of a steady decline into oblivion. It proves for the current lot of social media networks that if they don’t keep up with the changing demands of the audience, they, too, will meet with the same fate. The users only believe in thriving on content that is easy to consume, offers a scope customize their identity and validates their existence. The choices and solutions that the internet, on the whole, offers with every new entrant is broadening, which empowers a digital consumer to an extent where he/she gets is prone to instant boredom.

Going by the current scheme of things, the path ahead for social media is anything but challenging. For every piece of information and updates that it offers, there is an increasing sense of fear that is slowly concerning the users of these networking platforms. The rise of fake news and information overload has seemingly become a cause of worry for users and regulators alike. It remains to be seen whether social media falls prey to these patterns or tackles them successfully. Unfiltered content indeed looks like a powerful recipe to drive away the audience that does not get what it wants. Combine this with the almost-sudden influx of advertisers, who have realized the potential reach of these youth-dominated networks, and you can see how it only acts like a nail in the coffin.

It is also natural to address the issue of cyber bullying, which has gained substantial prominence in the age of social media, while trying to highlight some potential factors that may impede its popularity. Although cyber bullying has been prevalent much before social media came into existence, it is not possible to overlook its current intensity, courtesy of the opportunity one gets to hide behind a veil of anonymity. Virtual hate and negativity can deeply alter the social fabric of digital society, to an extent where one would eventually feel the need to detach themselves from the identity that they have portrayed. For many, the constant battle to appeal to people, get incentivized and forge an image that may not be exactly in sync with one’s real image may be too much to take and may find their consequences in time for one to see.

Going by the current trends, the future that lies for social media is going to be anything but predictable. Somewhere between giving a voice to the masses and  Whether Facebook and its likes want remain in the reckoning in the years to come remains to be seen, but sock then thekre’s there In the meanwhile, my mother has warned me to stay off my mobile phone every time the family sits to have a meal. Her build-up frustration saw its way out after I stayed glued to my phone, stalking my crush’s ex’s Instagram account during a dinner session.

A letter to my past

The one thing I most fear in my life is the thought of living the life I was living until 4 years ago, again. For me, it was a battle to rediscover myself after a series of setbacks. Whether it was going through a slump along my academic journey or losing the ability to reckon with my real self, while fighting anxiety, my life was quite evidently showing a decline.

With this letter, I shall, hopefully, reassure myself that I have indeed overcome my past challenges, and more importantly, I shall seek comfort in the fact that I have attempted to make peace with my past.

Dear Bageshree,

I know that you would sitting all day and thinking that you are just going to be a wreck all your life and fail in everything you take up. You have a long life ahead, and I advise that you don’t lose hope. But then, only hoping for things to get better is not the solution. It is equally important to work towards setting things straight.

A lot of people think ending their lives is a good option to permanently bring an end to all their problems. It is usually the losers who come to associate life as being a punishment. If you think you are going nowhere with your academics, then find an answer to where you are going wrong. I would also like to draw your attention to the turmoil that countless other beings around you go through. Everyday of your life is going to be a challenge, and so will it be for everyone else. Accept the truth and face life.

There are a few things that I would emphasize, which will help ease your pain along your journey. The first of the many crucial things you are expected to do is to find your conscience. ‘How will I do that?,’ you may ask. Avoid doing things that don’t resonate with you. The more you give into the temptation of seeking unwanted pleasures, the more you will see yourself moving away from your real self. This also entails distancing yourself from those people who are with you only to change you.

As important as it is to be sensitive to human emotions, it is equally important to remain your own person and strive for your individual happiness before tending to others. It is good to find a strong support system in your family, spouse and friends but, it is better to have your own back during the toughest of times. It’s important that you realize the importance of self-reliance and self-independence so as to achieve your full potential.

In the four years that I have taken to gradually evolve and tried to get myself on the trajectory of growth, I have learnt how crucial a role having the right attitude in life plays.Whether it is unparalleled success or miserable failure, don’t underestimate the power of your attitude and outlook, which will eventually decide your fate. Look at yourself as someone who is here to fulfill her duties, and everybody else close to you is meant to serve a similar purpose. Yet, don’t forget that your paths are different. People may change their paths, which is why it is important that you don’t lose sight of your path, to avoid excess attachment.

I’m at that stage where you have been dreaming to get all this while, and I continue to face challenges. I still get bouts of anxiety, at times, when my mind goes into an overdrive thinking about what lies ahead. So, if you’re to ask for something, then ask for peace of mind and contentment. During my anxious moments, I forget that I’m living the life I was once anticipating and dying to see in reality, which, then, ruins it all. Take one step at a time, and pause to experience the magic in your life. If you’re looking to verify what I’m stating with proofs and if that lets you stay happy, then know that you will soon become a blogger and a full-time writer who will successfully complete her master’s degree. And most importantly, you will constantly try to become a good human being!

Best regards,

Your anticipated self