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An innate love for the pen and the paper, combined with a passion for storytelling, I decided to pursue a career in the area of writing at the age of 20. With a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster, I have worked across content segments, including blogs, ad copies, PR articles and newsletters, websites, SEO and screenwriting.

With over 7 years of experience than in industries ranging from advertising, entertainment and fashion to pharmaceuticals, hospitality, real estate and packaging. With most content platforms going digital today, I have added value to brands and businesses by increasing their digital footprint by almost 38%, with a mix of value-driven content, content strategising and keywords.

When I’m not twiddling my thumbs on the keyboard meeting the next project deadline, you’ll find me binge-watching videos of cute golden retriever puppies on Instagram or filming the next video for my English-learning YouTube channel. Well, now that’s another passion to discuss for some other time.

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As a writer, nothing compares to seeking happiness in the fact that words hold a great deal of power to help identify the true voice and carefully shape the image of a brand or bring to life experiences that otherwise remain untold.

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