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August 17, 2023


In the deep slumber of the dark                                                                                              A hand is curled up in one corner of the hallway                                                                  Resting alongside four pairs of outstretched arms                                                                A doorbell at dawn sets her day in motion.

A measure cup fills the pot till an inch from the brim                                                           The gas knob is turned right in time, before the milk comes to a boil                                  Babbling bubbles cover the rustic edges of the pail                                                              She is sixth in queue to finish her morning business.

Hisssssss goes the pressure cooker amidst sounds of bucket splashes                              Four lunch boxes lay open on a granite countertop                                                            Moving through a passage filled with baby cries and elderly chatter                                    She sets out on yet another long day.

Flesh is oozing on both sides of the strap secured on her shoulder                                      Her hand clutches the bag as she paces to get on a BEST                                                  Just as she pulls her dupatta to wipe her sweat                                                                    Another long, tedious journey awaits her.

The back of her slip-ons rub against the rounded edges of the stairs                                    In between hushed breaths, the view of the halting train magnifies                                      Shoving through sweaty armpits, squeals and stares filled with venom                                She manages to wrap three fingers around the partially idle grab handle.

Honks and vehicular smoke conveniently fill the air                                                              Open manholes lengthen her walk to her work                                                                    Before she can catch her lost breath                                                                                      Twiddling thumbs and buzzing phones grab her attention.

Deadlines and then more deadlines; one after one more                                                      A guise of spiritedness takes her over                                                                                    She competes for time against the sun                                                                                  Little does she know that she is the ray of hope for many

Maybe calling her a multi-tasker would be too mainstream                                                    Her being goes beyond her many roles and the work she accomplishes                              Maybe the term superwoman limits her existence to a gender stereotype                            Her power and resilience go far deeper than what the world needs of her                            Maybe she is nature’s hope during storm and happiness during sunshine                            Maybe because she is a force that remains unstoppable